ZTE: Know which smartphone to give to mom for her day

Lima.- Nowadays, the functions carried out by a mother are increasingly demanding and worthy of admiration, since they range from carrying out professional tasks, to supervising household and family tasks. At first glance, it is a very difficult task to be able to fulfill all these roles, which is why technology has become a great ally for them, since many times this facilitates everything with a single click.

Therefore, mobile phones are the best companion, as you will use it to work, study, watch your favorite movies and series, take photos, update your social networks, chat with family and friends, and much more.

So, as part of Mother’s Day, Italo Zolezzi, Marketing Manager of ZTE Peru, recommends 4 ideal cell phones for each mom’s style.

  1. ZTE V30: For those moms who love to travel and just for their day think about going for a walk in the interior of the country, it is important that their mobile phone has a good camera. And what better than the ZTE V30 to take advantage of excellent photographs, since it is a team that has a 4-lens camera system, the main one being 64 MP with image stabilizer and dynamic focus, adding a 16-inch front camera. MP, ideal for those selfies and sharing them on social networks. It also has an 8-core processor so that it works smoothly without any problem.
  2. ZTE V30 Vita: In these times, many people continue with their classes in a virtual or hybrid way, and mothers cannot be the exception, since many of them continue to learn and strengthen their university or technical knowledge. In that case, the ZTE V30 Vita is one of the best options for its octacore processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory and a large 6.82” screen in HD+ quality. Ideal for video calls in classes. In this way, it does its job well when running educational and time management applications.
  3. ZTE A71: If our mothers were already workers, today, many of them have started their own businesses. That is why it is important to choose the cell phone for those who at all times have to be managing and preparing proposals in their work. Along these lines, the ZTE A71 is positioned as the ideal smartphone for this type of activity, thanks to its 8-core processor and 3 GB RAM with 64 GB storage expandable up to 512 GB, thus fulfilling its function of running different apps or digital tools simultaneously and without time limit. With a 4,000 mAh battery, without a doubt this equipment is an excellent option to manage everything in the palm of your hand.
  4. The ZTE A51: If mom loves watching her favorite series or is an inveterate movie buff, what better than giving her a new smartphone with perfect features so she can continue watching that movie she loves so much. The ZTE A51 is positioned as the ideal for this type of activity, thanks to its 8-core processor and 2 GB RAM with 64 GB storage expandable up to 512 GB and, above all, thanks to its 3200 mAh battery, this allows you to continue watching movie after movie without worrying about time.

Therefore, there is a team for each lifestyle of our mothers, so there are no excuses not to give a nice and technological gift. If anyone deserves the best, it’s her.

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ZTE: Know which smartphone to give to mom for her day

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