Your Xiaomi mobile hides a universal remote to control the air conditioning, the TV or even other mobiles

If you have a Xiaomi mobile, you have a universal controller, a command to turn on, turn off or manage any device in the home. The typical scene of looking for the remote control buried between cushions or lost behind a pile of papers has been left in the past.

The key is in the infrared sensor. Fortunately, today, almost any smartphone has an IR sensor inside, either because it appears as a notch on the outside or because it appears on its technical sheet. In Xiaomi terminals you can check these characteristics by going to the route Settings > About phone > All specifications > Status. You can also choose to install some alternative app like CRU or the popular Device Info, to know all the information about your mobile. That said, let’s go there: so you can control the appliances in your home with your mobile.

When your Xiaomi mobile becomes the perfect remote control


my remote‘ is the official Xiaomi application created for the control and management of hundreds of products, not necessarily of the company. In fact, My Remote supports managing Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Panasonic, Sharp and hundreds more devices. In fact, to date We have not found any device that is not 100% compatible with ‘My Remote’.

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And we repeat: we must bear in mind that in order to use it, it is necessary that your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile have infrared emission, since it is the sensor that the application uses to communicate with the different devices, be it a TV, air conditioner, decoder, projector or DVD/BR player.


And that’s it. These are all the requirements you will need. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, follow these steps to use it:

  • Go into ‘My Remote‘.
  • Tap on the icon + to add and link a new device. You can also sign in so that all registered remotes are linked to your Xiaomi account.
  • Now you can choose between several families, such as televisions, air conditioners or fans.
  • Search for the product in question choosing the brand of your device or appliance.
  • When the app prompts you, point the mobile at the infrared receiver of said device. This way it will be linked and memorized in ‘My Remote’.

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From now on you will see that the application gives you several synchronization options. If any of them fail or simply don’t show the controls correctly —for example, the volume up button lowers it or vice versa—, you will be able to choose between several button mappings to choose the correct option.

Once registered, you just have to tap on the ‘My room’ option to choose the room and the remote control associated with that area of ​​the house. The best of all is that you can save dozens of commands, grouped by zones, jump between one and the other and the application will automatically recognize one or the other depending on the proximity to the device. You can even control the screen of another mobile if the “slave” terminal is in mode debugging.

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Your Xiaomi mobile hides a universal remote to control the air conditioning, the TV or even other mobiles

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