Why José Luis returned alive after disappearing for 70 days: the suspects moved €619,513

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When the partner of the disappeared tax advisor, José Luis Galiana Blanc, received the credential to replace him as representative of Huma Mediterráneo’s bankruptcy, the first thing he did was find an economic mess. It was of such magnitude that this lawyer did not hesitate to report his friend, partner and well-known adviser from Murcia to the National Police who was missing at the time.

José Luis Galiana Blanc’s partner probably did not take long to understand why the adviser had disappeared. It was enough for him to open the bank account of the aforementioned bankruptcy process that affects a real estate company and to which only José Luis had access. The balance amounted to 237 euros and it was not necessary to be an accountant to realize the gap: that amount did not correspond even remotely, with the 625,501 euros of the last accounting report that the disappeared person handed over to him, whom the Civil Guard was looking for by land, sea and air due to the suffering of his relatives.

Only six days had passed since the discovery of José Luis’s Audi, at the bottom of a cliff in Punta Prima, when his partner, a lawyer by profession, went to the National Police to file a complaint against José Luis Galiana Blanc, his tax advisory firm, a Singapore company and a Texas corporation.

The said complaint was a Radical shift in research that the Civil Guard of Pilar de la Horadada had been carrying out since February 17, because no trace of José Luis was found when they removed their car from the bottom of the Orihuela coast. In fact, among other hypotheses, it was even considered that the tax advisor had suffered a shady end in the context of a robbery, a kidnapping or a settling of scores. Nothing is further from reality.

The complaint from the partner of the tax advisor was the first clue that made the Judicial Police suspect that this disappearance was a flight forward. The second clue was obvious: the ‘disappeared’ himself was filmed throwing his Audi off the cliff of Punta Prima.

And seventy days after having mobilized boats, helicopters, divers and patrols, the Civil Guard confirmed their suspicions: José Luis Galiana Blanc was alive and his disappearance was voluntary. Currently, it is unknown if the adviser is inside or outside the country, there is only one certainty: the “Galiana case” could take another turn. The Economic and Fiscal Crime Group has opened an investigation for crimes of misappropriation, money laundering and false documents.

Specialists from the Special Underwater Activities Groups (GEAS), on the Punta Prima cliff, in February, looking for the body of José Luis Galiana Blanc.

THE SPANISH has agreedgone exclusively to police proceedings that they have in the target the work of José Luis Galiana white on the contest from Mediterranean smoke. In the liquidation of this real estate large sums of money were at stake and they were in person since 2013 a good handful of banks and companieswithin a long list of creditors.

The insolvency administrator was Associated Bankruptcy Technicians and appointed as representative this famous tax consultant. So that José Luis it was “the only authorized” to carry out operations in the account banking that was enabled for this process: payments, transfers…

“MA [socio de José Luis Galiana Blanc] obtained the information of the income and payments that were made in this bank account, through an accounting statement prepared exclusively by José Luis and that was incorporated into the quarterly liquidation reports that appear in ehe Commercial Court number 1 of Murcia. On February 21, 2022, MA receives the credential as representative of the bankruptcy administrator, replacing José Luis, since he has been missing since February 18, the Civil Guard investigating his disappearance.

“It is because ofta credential, when MA has access to the aforementioned bank account and verifies that its balance, as of October 18, 2021, is 237 euros and 35 cents, a balance that does not match the balance resulting from the accounting statement included in the quarterly report of the settlement, as of October 18, 2021, Y which was 625,501 euros and 44 cents. In addition to the aforementioned balance, MA verifies that José Luis, using his position, would have disposed of money from the account, making transfers both to different companies and to himself, amounting to a total of 619,513 euros with 14 cents”.

Transfers to Singapore and Texas

Transfers from the Huma Mediterráneo account that are under suspicion, began in October 2017 and lasted until June 2021. For three years and nine months, this tax advisor allegedly transferred €234,089 to a Singapore company; €188,055 and €47,162 to a Texas corporation; another 26,000 euros and 12,000 euros to his own office, he even moved money to his personal bank account: 3,000 euros, 50,000 euros, 15,200 euros…

“These provisions of money, according to the complainant [el socio de José Luis]do not have any justification, are outside the bankruptcy procedure, so José Luis would have hidden them from both the bankruptcy administrator and the Mercantile Court number 1 of Murcia itself“, as stated in the proceedings consulted by EL ESPAÑOL.

The hole of 619,513 euros in the bankruptcy account managed by José Luis, diluted like a sugar cube the possibility that he had disappeared against his will a man which was happily married to an official from the University of Murcia, it was a good father of two children, who ran an office adviser, one a takeaway house in Puente Tocinos and a bar in the Plaza de las Flores. ANDUltimately, a citizen Y an eager beaver exemplary that now I don’t It seems so much, in the absence of what the National Police investigation determines.

José Luis's Audi A1, on a cliff in Punta Prima, next to a detail of the transfers being investigated by the National Police.

José Luis’s Audi A1, on a cliff in Punta Prima, next to a detail of the transfers being investigated by the National Police.

months of work ahead

The Economic and Fiscal Crime Group has many months of work ahead of it because it is tracing “incarcerated accounts” in the Republic of Singapore and the United States, with the aim of locate the €469,306 what in three transfers they entered on the banks from two tradeit is. The first, located in Texas, stands as anonymous society specializing in the issuance of letters of guarantee for credit improvements. And the second, located in Singapore, is incorporated as a private company limited by shares and is an expert in management consulting services. Little else provides the information of their web domains.

The investigators are also scrutinizing, from the first to the last, all the bank movements of the famous Huma Mediterráneo bankruptcy account, the income made in cash at the teller window, at the ATM, credit card operations… Everything this with the same purpose:Find indications of the destination of the money“.

Initiate preliminary proceedings

The National Police is carrying out a huge number of investigations in view of the content of the transfer and transfer issue receipts that supposedly point to the tax advisor. Use this as a sample button: “Value date: November 12, 2019. Originator: Huma Mediterráneo. Beneficiary: Jose Luis Galiana B.thenc. Payment amount: 5,000 euros. Payment concept: Invoice”.

“In relation to José Luis Galiana Blanc, All information on ownership of movable and immovable property that you own in that territory is requestedlocation of the same, ownership of bank accounts, investment funds, as well as that it be reported if this person is in charge of companies and businesses that have their fiscal domicile in that territory.

At the moment, the Court of Instruction number 7 of Murcia has initiated preliminary proceedings for an alleged crime of fraud, giving a new twist to the ‘Galiana case’, whose disappearance shocked Murcian society because José Luis is the son of the first dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Murcia, he is a member of the College of Economists and had been financial director of companies in the agricultural, food and construction sectors. But what interests the investigators now is not his resume.

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Why José Luis returned alive after disappearing for 70 days: the suspects moved €619,513

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