It had never made so much sense to buy a mobile from last year

The POCO F3 has become one of the best recommendations in the mid-range in the middle of 2022 because, although it has a year behind it, it is superior to the vast majority of the mid-range that have been launched this year.

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I am not an influencer nor do I know more about mobiles than thousands of people interested in technology may know, but for better or for worse, I am a reference for many people who want to buy a phone.

It sounds cocky, but nothing further. Simply, I try the latest models before anyone else, just like my colleague Rubén, and after a long day in which we passed the data from the previous mobile, we configured our networks and left the mobile ready, I start using it for a week as my personal mobile.

I think I test mobiles thoroughly to see how the battery is, the stress of its processor, the brightness of the screen or the quality of its cameras and, in the end, although I have my preferences, I try to stay as neutral as possible.

Having said this and, again, for better or for worse, both acquaintances, friends, relatives, strangers or people with whom I will only interact once in my life approach me with the question of… “what mobile should I buy?”

My answer is always the same: “the iPhone 13 Pro Max” I mean… how much do you want to spend? I think that is the most important question in the equation and, depending on what they answer, there are three more: do you want screen above all? cameras? Performance?

Depending on what they answer me, I already know where to go. There are many people to whom I recommend a model and they tell me “no, but I just want a Samsung” and, after trying to reason about why there are better alternatives in that price range, I tell them “ok, if you want a Samsung, this is the best for that price.”

They are very used to the system, they have had good experiences in the past and, what the heck, they want a Samsung, just like we all have our preferences. However, there are people who are open to your recommendation and the truth is that this year it is difficult to recommend a mid-range of those launched in 2022.

At the top of the range we have very good mobiles and that we have analyzed such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Oppo Find X5 Pro, the Xiaomi 12 Pro or the realme GT2 Pro. The iPhone 13 Pro continues to be a success and, as I say, in the high end the thing is easy.

Recommend what you recommend, you are going to be right, but in the mid-range things get complicated and, despite the fact that there are good terminals like the realme 9 Pro+, the truth is that it almost makes up for more to go to last year’s models.

In recent days I have recommended, and highly, the POCO F3 -which in the analysis I did not like because the battery lasted a sigh, but it is something that was solved with updates- and the realme GT Neo 2, the OnePlus Nord 2 (how I like their cameras) and the POCO X3 NFC.

They are cell phones from last year and when I recommend them, someone is surprised and lets me know. “Isn’t there something better more modern?” and the face that stays with me is poker because, really, for the price of these terminals, there are no better recommendations among those launched in these almost first five months of 2022.

In fact, the star mobile is the POCO F3 which, for 250 euros at the moment in the Xiaomi Store, seems irresistible to me. It is powerful, the main camera is solvent, the finish is good, I love the screen and it has a good load.

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The Snapdragon 870 is still a very TOP chip and, in fact, better than the one that most of the current mid-range mounts, but the most important thing is that this POCO F3 costs LESS than some Redmi 11 that are objectively worse phones and that have just been released.

Xiaomi may be getting rid of it now that the POCO F4 GT is out and the POCO F4 is just around the corner.

Or it may be because the semiconductor crisis is hitting so hard that current mid-range phones simply cannot compete by offering good value for money, but since I don’t care for the reason, my most recommended mobile in recent weeks is one of 2021.

So, if you are in that situation, you just got this recommendation for free. And, if you buy it, enjoy it because you take a mobile with a year behind it, yes, but it continues to maintain itself like a wild boar.

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It had never made so much sense to buy a mobile from last year

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