8K and 65 inches: this LG Smart TV costs 2,300 euros less

Smart TVs, like almost all consumer technology, evolve at a dizzying pace. Although right now we have the standard in 4K resolution, more and more manufacturers are betting on launching 8K-compatible models on the market. LG is one of them, and the best proof of this is this Smart TV 65NANO996NA, that now you can take away with more than 65% discount.

As we say, we already have a fairly considerable list of 8K Smart TVs on the market, although unfortunately they still It is a technology that is not within the reach of all pockets. Having one of these TVs at home is expensive, but luckily the stores are launching some very interesting offers from time to time. If you were waiting for an interesting one to arrive, today is your lucky day.

Unbeatable image quality

What stands out most about this LG NANO TV is undoubtedly its design. Despite the great technology that it has inside (as we will see a little later), This Smart TV has a very slim design, both in terms of the entire product and the frame of the screen. We are really facing a very minimalist bet by LG, but which in turn offers us a premium and elegant look for our living room.

Turning to the panel itself, the truth is that this LG model has one of the best that we can find on the market. We are talking about an LED panel with Full Array Dimming Pro technology compatible with all current HDR formats (Dolby Vision, Technicolor, HDR10 Pro, HLG and Dolby Vision IQ). This, together with the fact that it supports 8K content, means that we can enjoy an unrivaled cinematic experience at home. It also has a powerful AI that will improve the image quality automatically.

If, in addition, you were also looking for a television to enjoy your new generation game consoles, this 65NANO996NA is perfect for you. It has HDMI 2.1 (4 ports), so we can enjoy some games at a rate of fps and with a quality that conventional 4K televisions do not support.

Great sound without the need for additional equipment

We are going to find another very remarkable thing about this Smart TV in the sound it offers. Some high-end models offer great image quality, but good speakers are left behind, which makes it mandatory to go to sound bars or the like. That is not the case with this LG model, which has 60W of power between main speakers and subwoofer. Sounds great on its own, but it gets even better when coupled with compatible sound technologies like Dolby Atmos.

Of course, it also has everything that can be expected from a model with these characteristics, such as a good operating system (WebOS 5.0), compatibility with the Google Voice Assistant and also with Miracast and AirPlay 2, among other things. With a usual price of 3,499 euros, now you can take it for 1189.66 euros thanks to this fantastic offer from El Corte Inglés.

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8K and 65 inches: this LG Smart TV costs 2,300 euros less

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