Cristina Kirchner: “We are not honoring so much confidence”

the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner He assured today that in the Government “there is no fight but debate of ideas”, during an extensive dissertation in which he launched harsh criticism of the opposition and the Supreme Court of Justice and questioned some aspects of the progress of the economy.

Fernández de Kirchner focused part of his speech on economic issues and the country’s social situation and lamented that at the moment “We are not honoring so much trust” from the people.

“What is happening in the Executive Branch is not a fight; I didn’t hit anyone, nobody hit me,” Cristina said, joking that she had resorted to the dictionary to frame a situation that was the subject of multiple speculations in the media and, which, she assured, is a “debate” within the ruling coalition.

The vice president gave a dissertation of almost two hours on the State, power and society at the headquarters of the National University of Chaco Austral, where she received an honorary doctorate.

In his presentation, he recommended “reviewing some things” with the aim of resolving “a phenomenon that is taking place in Argentina”, for which the “workers in a dependency relationship are poor”.

“This had never happened; Poverty was always located outside of formal work. Why is this? ”, The former president asked herself during her speech, in which she also warned that despite having “almost 30 billion dollars of trade surplus, we have problems”.

“What is happening with the monetary and exchange administration?”, he also questioned and continued to acknowledge that the Government “is not honoring” the “trust” that the electorate has placed in it.

In another order, Cristina questioned the opposition for promoting a project for the use of a single paper ballot in voting, considering that “society” has more important problems, such as, for example, that “it has no work and no he gets the twine”.

Also, in another segment of her dissertation, the head of the Senate denounced that “something like it has never been seen” in that the Supreme Court has declared a law “unconstitutional” after 16 years of validity, alluding to the ruling that repealed the formation of the Judicial Council.

In another order, he evaluated that capitalism became “a system of production of goods and services that has become independent of ideologies” and gave the example of the People’s Republic of China as one of the “most successful” capitalist models.

Cristina also understood that one of the country’s central problems is its bi-monetary economy, which has turned the dollar into a savings currency and assured that it is an issue that requires “agreements and management.”

Rejected the Single Ballot project

The vice president questioned the fact that yesterday “the opposition or the opposition power”, which has a majority in the Chamber of Deputies, has presented a project for the use of a Single Paper Ballot in voting in a context in which this society presents “so many problems” such as “he can’t make ends meet, he doesn’t have enough money, he doesn’t have a job, he can’t pay the rent, food and things increase every day”.

And she qualified that the Single Ballot is, for her, a “hidden” ballot because “it is a piece of paper with a tremendous number of parties where only the first candidate is known. A ballot where you vote for a list of Deputies but you don’t know if there are sausages, if there is garlic”.

In turn, he questioned that the “media power” did not say anything about the opposition and, noting that “yesterday a deputy who spoke, said that the fugitive from Montevideo was second on the list”, ironically: “there would not have been Nobody knew”, if the Single Ballot were implemented.

Cristina Fernández stressed that “we have voted with a paper ballot since 1983 to date and all the political parties have won, all the forces have won, we have lost all the political parties and all the forces.”

Yesterday, after a vote in the Chamber of Deputies, the opposition prevailed in a motion for the lower house to convene the Constitutional Affairs, Justice and Budget commissions, so that they be constituted to debate -as of May 11- the projects to establish the Single Paper Ballot.

“They want the name of only one candidate to appear on that ballot. The name of (Fabián) Rodríguez Simón, who is a fugitive, could not appear,” said the vice president in relation to the legal adviser to the government of Cambiemos and a member of Parlasur, who has been in Uruguay for more than 514 days, where he eludes a call for investigation. by the Argentine justice.

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Cristina Kirchner: “We are not honoring so much confidence”

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